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Thread: Quiet crowd, drab venue?

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    Quiet crowd, drab venue?

    Is it me or the venue in Torino very drab and unattractive...a bunch of bleachers (with noticeable empty seats so far) and the crowd doesn't appear to be "into it" very much. At least, they don't appear to be particularly loud....maybe it doesn't translate to TV but there doesn't seem to be much of a connection between the skaters and the crowd so far whatsoever.

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    I think the red or whatever color of the boards are too different and annoys me. I liked the white and blue for the Olympics.


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    Brian Boitano was taking about the empty seats. The Italian response is that northern Italians are more reserved than their southern cousins (the passionate Italians we know and love)

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    Talk about country responses. On the Today Show with All, he asked the Italian cheerleading team for the Olympics what country gave the most lively response to them with regards to the cheering and they gave thumps up to Canada. They said that Canada with the cheering with them.:chorus: :chorus: :chorus:

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    Maybe since the Italians don't have a strong pairs team or men's competitor, they're saving up their energy to cheer on Caro and whoever's going for dance.

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