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So does mean Alexei is retiring soon?
I don't think so. He just said he will be living in Russia now, and I believe he plans to skate in Russia. He may also do what he can to help/promote future Russian figure skaters (although I doubt in the "coaching" sense, at least not right now from what he has said in some articles/interviews this spring).

I also noticed he is still skating at Sun Valley Mountain Resort again this year (August 5). I wonder if that will be his last also?

Hey, I can't blame him. He's had a loooong hard 22 years of skating/competing/performing. I swear he is the figureskater who performs the MOST every year in many shows with Stars on Ice, Canadian Stars on Ice, Ilia Averbukh's numerous tour dates, and various skaters' shows and competitions etc.

He deserves to rest and settle down now, although, he will (and is being) SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO sadly missed!!!