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Thread: Ladies SP start order

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mathman
    Kimmie, on the other hand, has a great draw for a first-timer. Strut your stuff, then sit in the stands and enjoy the show!

    Mathman, I hope you are right.

    By the way - Is it correct to say that under the CoP system, an early draw no longer has to worry about judges holding their scores down somewhat to save room for the later skaters?

    Give me Kimberly - aww heck, Gimmie Kimmie!

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    Thanks, NYMKFAN. That's my gal.

    Interesting for the US team. They go early, midway, and last. Let's hope Sasha checks her bus schedule.

    How I wish NBC would show 10 SPs! I'm with Red Dog. We'll get 6, with long fluff pieces about Kimmie, Emily, Sasha, and Irina--and maybe one on the Japanese "steamrolling program"--none of which I would mind seeing; it's just that I'd rather see more good skaters skate, like the Japanese.

    Kimmie's fluff piece will be on how it is being the youngest on the US team. Emily's--on being Sarah's sister. Sasha's--on her inconsistency. Irina's--on her own and her mother's health problems. If they do one on the Japanese, it will be on how the JF changed their program to turn out so many great skaters, which I would find interesting, if the piece is done well.

    If they show Sasha skating around with a soft filter on the lens with chiffon flowing everywhere, I'm gonna hurl.


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