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It is entirely possible that something was not quite right with the quality of the ice at the rink during the OD!!! Ice making is part art--all ice surfaces are not equal.
There should be a way to check such a thing since it is so important.
The number of falls, often on the simplest moves, especially with skaters of the great technical quality of Drobiazko and Vanagas, makes me wonder......

GOOD point but you know if you saw at the end of the Israelies skate, her dress had soooo many White little fluff things comming off that I did wondered at the time if that would cause a problem! So then after them how many actually fell??? A lot! I do think they should have a ban on dance dresses such as that that you can Not see the fluff, because D/V it looked to me that her fall, as uncharatoristic as it was, her skate just stopped and she went straight to her toepick! could have been that dress before..
But after the ice being made again we cant blame that, however when one fall or two fall then the others tend to follow esp at Olympics since it is such high tense comp.
I am on the edge of my seat for tonight!!!
thinking good thoughts!!