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Good point, Jaana. This was not the same kind of competition as SLC or Nagano. These programs were packed with a lot more intricate steps and moves, transitions, etc. I don't think they can accurately be compared. I didn't find anything wrong with Irina or Sasha's comments, but I didn't much care for Hughes's quote. There was some truth in it, but it wasn't classy. It was almost an, "Well, she didn't win with a slam-bang performance like I did, but it was nice." Shizuka delivered a great performance under pressure.....under COP pressure. It is not the same thing. I hope that others don't look on this competition and say, "Well, Shizuka won only because Sasha and Irina faltered under pressure." Shizuka won because she was better than Irina and Sasha in Italy. The end.
I totally agree. Hughes's quote

And you can say again Sarah won only because Michelle, Irina, Sasha faltered under the pressure.

All Hughes comments through this Olympics (a lot against the facts) just show how much brainer she had.