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Thread: Was Sasha Injured?

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    My take on this is that she was more injured than she let on. A couple of those falls in the warmup looked like injury falls to me, as in she landed at just the right angle that her leg could not support her properly. (It was just the way she went down; it didn't look like your standard screwed-up-the-jump fall to me) And it looked to me like she was limping a bit when she got done with her long program.

    I give her credit for the last half of that program, tho. She kept her composure and kept her smile on (actually, IMO, more so than she usually does) despite the early disaster. However, I still think 2nd in the long was unwarranted; I would have placed her behind Irina, Fumie, and probably Joannie as well. But that's for another thread.....

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    Why dwell on this? As she said to Costas: it wasn't the injury that caused the two falls, it was me. I couldn't feel my feet - or something to that effect. A very honest reply.

    I'd rather dwell on the beautiful performance she gave after the falls. Not easy to do when the vision of your dream will not come true. Brava Sasha!!


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