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First of all for all for a former Ice Dancer you know too little about the sport. I'm sorry I don't know anyone who has any knowledge of the sport could ever criticize either Sasha or Arakawa of having bad lines... Arakawa didn't win Worlds from nothing!

I would never criticize Sasha's lines. They are beyond perfect.

I guess I wasted my $ taking lessons from the finest coaches in the world, not to mention my time since I know "too little" about the sport.

No one can tell how fast a skater is truly going or how high their jumps
truly are by watching the event on television. So unless you were at these
events, or unless I was at these events, it's a moot point who was going
faster than whom...

This is not a forum for me to talk about myself...but a forum
to energetically engage in discussion of skating. And I assume
all of us love it impossibly much.
You know anyone in the Internet especially those who doesn't have a life could claim they are whoever they want to be! Yes you can tell how high a person jumps in T.V. especially if you've seen them live, two I I haven't read anything from your post that tells me you've even ever been out to a skating rink!