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Thread: Question about points

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    Quote Originally Posted by mylastduchess
    First of all for all for a former Ice Dancer you know too little about the sport. I'm sorry I don't know anyone who has any knowledge of the sport could ever criticize either Sasha or Arakawa of having bad lines... Arakawa didn't win Worlds from nothing!

    I would never criticize Sasha's lines. They are beyond perfect.

    I guess I wasted my $ taking lessons from the finest coaches in the world, not to mention my time since I know "too little" about the sport.

    No one can tell how fast a skater is truly going or how high their jumps
    truly are by watching the event on television. So unless you were at these
    events, or unless I was at these events, it's a moot point who was going
    faster than whom...

    This is not a forum for me to talk about myself...but a forum
    to energetically engage in discussion of skating. And I assume
    all of us love it impossibly much.
    You know anyone in the Internet especially those who doesn't have a life could claim they are whoever they want to be! Yes you can tell how high a person jumps in T.V. especially if you've seen them live, two I I haven't read anything from your post that tells me you've even ever been out to a skating rink!

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    You're quite right that anyone can become
    anybody on the is also
    a wonderful forum in which one can share

    if you don't want to believe that I competed at
    numerous international competitions and the
    world championships, that is your prerogative...
    but you are mistaken...

    as i said before, this forum is not about me
    but about the sport...and sharing perspectives
    on it.

    a skater doesn't skate in a vacuumn and for
    me it is interesting to learn what others think
    of the sport, whether competitor, social skater
    or fan.

    As far as perspectives and opinions, you may
    or may not be interested to know that my
    partner (if you want to believe i actually had one)
    shares the exact same opinion on the competition
    and its outcome. perhaps that is indicative of
    our training, our definition of what figure skating
    is or could be, and what we strove to achieve
    on the ice. face it, there will always be tension
    between artistry and sport. that's what makes
    figure skating so compelling.

    i'd rather talk about sasha, kimmie, etc...
    than speak any more about whether or not
    i actually set foot on the ice... so let's end
    this and get on with skating talk, shall we?

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