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Thread: Who is to blame for low-tech Oly performances?

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    Who is to blame for low-tech Oly performances?

    In 1998 Tara Lipinski did seven triples including a triple loop/triple loop, and Michelle Kwan also did 7 triples.

    In 2002 Sarah Hughes did two triple/triples in a 7 triple performance.

    In 2006, the gold medallist landed 5 triples, no 3/3 combination.
    The silver medallist fell twice and called her medal "a gift."
    The bronze medallist managed 4 triples.

    Here is an interesting article asking whether the New Judging System is in part to blame.

    Ottavio Cinquanto instead puts the blame on the national skating federations for "not developing the talent" necessary to compete under the new rules:

    "The ISU can produce administration, a system of judging, can organize competitions, but we don't produce the skaters," he said during Friday's exhibition gala at the Palavela. "So if the member federations, the national federations, they are unable to make available talent, it is not the fault of the ISU…."

    (Of course it's not, Speedy -- is anything ever the fault of the ISU?)


    PS. Hmm. The whole LA Times web site seems to be down at the moment. The link should work after a while.
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