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Thread: Cute quote from Arakawa!

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    Cute quote from Arakawa!

    I saw this on another board and had to share (someone may have already!):

    From a Japanese interview with Shizuka, translated by "nipponianippon" at FSU:
    Q: What did Nikolai Morozov advice you before?

    Shizuka: Keep your pose for 3 seconds in Spiral Steps! Count anything you like for 3 seconds in your mind.

    Q: What did you count?

    Shizuka: One Ice cream, Two Ice cream, Three Ice cream

    Gotta love her!

    Here is link to article in Japanese if you read it


    Gold medalist and ICE CREAM LOVER! I certainly felt her expression during her skate conveyed deep concentration about something; I didn't guess it could be ice cream.
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    That is cute. She is a sweetie.

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    I wonder what flavor of "aisu kuriimu" Shizuka likes best.

    Here are some traditional Japanese varieties:

    Cactus ice cream (Saboten Aisu)

    Chicken Wing Ice Cream (Nagoya Tebasaki)

    Crab Ice Cream (Kani Aisu)

    Eel Ice Cream (Unagi Aisu)

    Octopus Ice Cream (Taco Aisu)

    Horseraddish Ice Cream (Wasabi Aisu)


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    Ice cream!

    My ice cream tastes are kinda pedestrian -- ginger ice cream can't be beat!

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    They made fish eyeball ice cream on iron Chef...yum.

    One of the best ice creams I've ever had was pink peppercorn. Sounds strange but the crunch of the hot peppercorns with the cold ice cream is a nice combination.

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    Once I had a "Fried Ice Cream" just out of curiouse "how can one fries ice cream? By the time ice cream come to table will there be any ice cream left?"....turns out they wrapped a layer of flour out side of ice cream then frying.....Yucks.

    But one positive thing come out this experience is that it diddn't cause any stomach pain afterwards. Which prove my old grandma's theory was wrong. I was brought up to believe you shall never take cold food immediately after eating oily hot food, which would cause stomach pain. Seems it was wrong

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