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    I can't find the music of the long program of Totmianina and Marinin. I know that the slow part is : romeo and juliet by edvin marton .. but the faster part i don't know the title .. if anyone know the title please write me :P . or if anyone has their video of their long program i would love to have it !

    THanks !!:P

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    It was an original piece written by Marton for them. The fast music was a riff on the music that Marton performed. They specifically commissioned the piece, so that they would own it, and no one else would have the same music as they. It was important to them to have a unique musical selection for their free skate.

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    Per the "Art on Ice" website, Edvin Marton put out a new CD last year, or the year before, called "Virtuoso". "Romeo and Juliet" is among the listed tracks.
    But hold the happiness, people! I've searched high and low trying to find a copy of this CD and it is as yet unavailable in the US. Amazon UK wasn't stocking it the last time I checked, either. The contact at Art on Ice isn't answering her e-mail, dag nabbit.
    Perhaps one of our European posters can point us in the right direction? Anybody?

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