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Thread: The Lovely Sasha Cohen on Regis/Kelly

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    The Lovely Sasha Cohen on Regis/Kelly

    and lovely she was in that original Sasha designed casual wear.

    This is the only program I happened to see while she is making the rounds. The change in attitude is so pronounced since the feisty days.

    I'm thinking if some filmaker takes a liking to her and offers her a part in his next movie - not as an extra - but as a principal. A new Sally Fields in the making. Maybe.


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    Sasha has been the same on all her post Olympics interviews. A very classy lady. Also on the Ellen show, she showed class. She wore jeans and short black jacket and knowing Ellen, there were a lot of laughs. They also show the revised edition of her book talking about her Olympics performances. I think that if she plays her cards right, she is going to have a promising future with or without skating. Seems like she wants to be around for the 2010 Olympics.

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