View Poll Results: Who is your favorite 'American Favorite Sweetheart' who won silver or bronze at Olys?

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  • Linda Fratianne (silver in 1980)

    6 3.73%
  • Rosalyn Sumners (silver in 1984)

    7 4.35%
  • Debi Thomas (bronze in 1988)

    8 4.97%
  • Nancy Kerrigan (silver in 1994)

    8 4.97%
  • Michele Kwan (silver in '98 & bronze in '02)

    87 54.04%
  • Sasha Cohen (silver in 2006)

    45 27.95%
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Thread: Favorite American Lady Non-Gold Medalist at Olys

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    Favorite American Lady Non-Gold Medalist at Olys

    Every now & then 'American Sweethearts' who are touted to win the Ladies Gold Medal at an Olympics fall short of expectations. For example, remember the heartbreaks of Linda, Rosalyn, Debi, Nancy, Michele & -- most recently -- Sasha.

    Michele is in this poll due to her fall-from-expectations in '98 & '02, even though other -- less highly touted -- American misses ended up winning gold...but 'THE SWEETHEART' did not.

    Who is your favorite among the Non-Golden American Sweethearts during the past 26 years?
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    I voted for Linda Fratianne in Lake Placid 1980. Everyone in the arena was almost certain that Linda had handily beaten a ho-hum Annet Poetzch that night. Linda won both the short & long programs, if memory serves. The story back then was that Linda was 'pre-cooked' by a consortium of German-speaking judges...they made sure that the stage would be set in the compulsory figures, with Linda well behind Annet. Somehow, the German-speaking Carlo Fassi (a coach who was friendly with many judges) was involved in this, the Fratianne camp alleged. How would I know? But those were the murmerings.

    So I give my vote to Linda - the one who SURELY came closest to winning gold.

    Roz - she did herself in in Sarajevo....singling many jumps.

    Debi - also did herself in...

    Nancy - this one was highly debated but I feel that Oksana genuinely won on the 'sparkle' factor.

    Michele - Tara, then Sarah, definitely beat Michele in both the technical & 'sparkle' factors, on those nights. But one can't discount the enormous following that Michele had...true heartbreaks, for sure.

    Sasha - definitely beaten by Shizuka...many say that she was lucky to have gotten any medal...but her SP certainly accounted for an overall high finish. One can't argue that!
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    I voted for Sasha...

    Linda was before "my time"

    Roz is annoying and has never gotten over her silver lol

    Nancy was my hero when I was little... but now it's meh

    Michelle has never had my loyalty (no surprise)

    so I had to pick Sasha... lol

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    I put Sasha, never really cared for the others, of course I wasn't born at Linda's Olympics, and was only 1 years old for Rosalynn's but I have seen videos...

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    I thought Fratianne had won it too. She had strong skates in the sp and the lp. She was first in the sp and second in the lp. Denise Biellmann, quite rightfully, won the lp in 1980. She was wonderful. It's a shame she couldn't pull up to medal. Poetzch was entirely forgettable in free skating, but she must have been good at figures.

    For those too young to remember-

    1980 Oly Fratianne LP(Bizet_s Carmen)

    1984 Oly Rosalynn Sumners LP Not great quality. She had to wear white?

    I have Beillmann and Poetzch too, if anyone would like to compare them.
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    Ahh, not to me, I love Poetzch (again too young to remember, but I have seen the vids), Beillmann, I never cared for. Thanks SusanBeth for the videos.

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    Actually my favorite is Denise Biellman. She was such a steady skater, always so fit, just hit almost every single time she was out there. She did not try to be someone she was not. Then again, a lot of people did not understand her programs. No beginning, middle or end, as Scott Hamilton said, "all middle" or something to that effect. And, she was a nice girl, too. No real flash and dash or attitude.

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    I voted for Michelle, because she's my favorite female skater-- maybe ever-- but she was fairly defeated. Linda and Nancy, however, were robbed. Go back and look at Baiul's OGM performance. She two-footed nearly every one of her landings. Roz would be my next pick, not because she should've won then (she shouldn't have), but because she went on to have such an admirable pro career. Today's ladies could learn a lot from her about promoting the sport.

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