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Thread: Introducing....The Green Monkey!

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    Introducing....The Green Monkey!

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    Honestly? I never liked the names "Smarty Jones" or "Giacomo", either....

    Favorite name for sheer silliness--there's a horse in the West Coast mid-level claimers named "Spinelessjellyfish."

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    I never cared for the names Smarty Jones, Funnycide, Galloping Grocer, Hoovergetthekeys, Bob and John, Lawyer Ron, brother Derek, etc.

    "Giacomo' sounds like the name of the theme ingredient on The Iron Chef.

    Spinelessjellyfish was a fairly good horse:

    Owner: Cardiff Stud Farm
    Breeder: Cardiff Farm Management Corp.
    State Bred: CA
    Winnings: 48 Starts: 10 - 8 - 6, $889,591

    1998: Mdn spcl weight (6f, SA)
    1999: Alw (6f, T-SA), Alw (6f, Dmr), Optional (7f, Hol)
    2000: Khaled S.(1 1/16M,T-Hol), Sensational Star H.(6 1/2f, T-SA)
    2001: Khaled S.(1 1/16M,T-Hol), Cal.Turf Champ.H(T-BM);
    2003: Sensational Star H. (6 1/2 f, T-SA)

    Stands at Cardiff Stud Farm in Atascadero, CA.

    Some of the worst names for racehorses I've come across:

    Stinkie Twinkie
    Bloody Buttocks
    Smelly Feet
    Bin Lid
    Ive Gota Bad Liver
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