This will sound like one of the Oscar acceptance speeches the actors and actresses make "I'd like to thank my parents...", but when I stop and think about my figure skating days, it really would have not happened if not for my parents. After moving to Prince George from California, my mom enrolled my brother and I in the Prince George figure skating club for skating lessons. My dad also flooded the back yard that winter so we could skate outdoors. What a wonderful winter it was! I can still see myself outside learning how to skate! I also now appreciate the efforts of my mom to keep me in skating even after my dad passed away. The endless hours she spent at the rink with all the other "skating moms" and never complained about having to drive us there. I am sure there were times when she didn't feel like going to a cold skating rink for a couple of hours! I never really thought about it until one day, I stopped in a rink and realized what it must have been like from my mom's perspective. It's funny how we take these things for granted when we are young. So all skating parents out there, take heart! You may think your budding skating stars don't appreciate your efforts for them in the skating world, now, but one day they will!


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