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Thread: Exactly just how fast is Michelle's skating?

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    Re: Michelle's Speed

    I've seen quite a few ice shows live in the past 15 years, and you can't believe the elegant speed Katia and Sergei had..just breathtaking. Plushenko lights up the ice with his speed, going full tilt into triple jumps with ease.......42

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    Re: Michelle's Speed

    Apache - With such a questiion your going to get the responses by the fans who see MK as a favorite and by others who do not see her that way. You must learn to see who is responding to any thread and you can bet on their responses.

    As a non fan of Irina, I see her skating clumpylike and her entrance into the loop jump with 3 turns as ever so slow and cautious. Others see her as a speedy skater.

    Note who your posters are and you'll understand the responses. And also note it is summertime and it's nitpicking time.


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    Re: Michelle's Speed

    Joe, thanks, I am aware of that too. However, it's still a useful guideline for me as I never watch skating live. I do understand Michelle fans will probably tend to be biased (nothing wrong with that) but I never take their opinions lightly. That's why I posted this same thread on MKF and GS to study the differences in the responses from fans and non-fans.

    But really, I'm not a fan of Irina but I find her incredibly fast. I won't hold back my praises for her just because I never get captivated by her skating. Similarly for Michelle, I just tell it like I see it even if it means critiquing her skating. The 2 areas of her skating that I find lacking are speed (in skating and spins) and 3/3s. But I love her dearly no matter. I'm glad to hear her speed is not as slow as I thought it was. As for 3/3s, I have always mentioned it's ok for her not to have a 3/3 anymore altnough I would be exhilarated if she did put it in her programs in future.

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    Re: Michelle's Speed

    <span style="color:blue;font-size:x-large;">Initially, it seems like the skaters are moving somewhat slowly, but if you look closely, you will see that when they do a spiral (or similar move) their costume flaps in the wind. So they must have SOME speed. I don't know how the speed of the skaters compare as I've never seen them live but some do seem faster than others, maybe (as some people point out) because of their stroking techniques. </span>

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