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Thread: Fame

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    Body Electric

    <blockquote><strong><em>Quote:</em></strong><hr>What does "I sing the body electric" mean?[/quote]

    Yeah, why <span style="color:red;font-size:medium;">sing</span>, I thought it should be <span style="color:red;font-size:medium;">exercise</span>
    body electric

    And Margaret Richards is 56 y/o, or am I hallucinating?


    <span style="color:red;font-size:x-small;">40 is fabulous, and 50 is foxy? Can't wait to see what Margaret will come up with when she approaches 60</span>

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    Re: Body Electric

    Thanks, Eltamina. I just went to the Body Electric web site and sent them an email asking what their name meant. I read their FAQ, but that was all about how to firm up your butt, and things like that. If your body has been sung electric, do you have a firm and sparking butt afterwards?


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    Re: FAME finale

    OK, last night was the 1st episode I've watched --- lame, but honestly, I never knew when it was on! I wish I had gotten to see earlier eps, but here's what I thought from the 1 episode:

    Right away, during the group dance #, Shannon stood out as the best dancer. Others were really good, but she had a <em>snap</em> to her movements that said "here I am".

    During the songs, I was impressed with Serena's voice, I liked Harlemm's (altho I thought it was sad they made him sing 'Tomorrow'), I couldn't believe what a deep voice Brandon has (but he needs to work on his enunciation!), and at first I was impressed by Shannon's voice, then I realized that, although she has a powerful voice, she can't control it well. I also wondered why she was the only one who was allowed to do any movement during her song - the other 3 were so stock still I figured they were not allowed to dance during this performance. Also, the pseudo-flamenco version of 'I Will Survive' ws a bad idea.

    My friend called me to say "No way! Debbie Allen just <em>adjusted her wig</em> on national television!!!" :lol:

    When all four of them were waiting for the verdict, I knew right away that Serena would be cut 1st, and that Shannon and Harlemm would be the finalists. Of the final 4, Serena stood out the least in terms of personality and back story. Brandon had a great story and is a fabulous dancer, but I thought Harlemm's story was really compelling, and Shannon looks exactly like Britney Spear, so I figured the public would go for them. I wasn't sure which of the 2 would win, but I was glad it was Harlemm - I would have voted for him.

    And hey - FAME managed to do what American Idol seemingly can't - they gave their winner a song that really does play to his strengths, and sounds good! It's total pop, but I would buy that song - something I can't say about any of the AI contestants who have put records out, even though I dig most of them.


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    Re: Fame - And the winner is......

    Did anyone see Harleems' interview on the Today show? I thought it was interesting when he mentioned how he did not use his real age for fear that he wouldn't make it on the show.

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    Re: Fame - And the winner is......

    .......dlk.....that was brought up on the show, about the 3rd episode. He saw how young the others were and he felt he would be at a disadvantage if he gave his real age at 35...42

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    Re: Fame - And the winner is......

    Too bad Harlemm doesn't skate... he could sell a program!


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