I just finished watching the premier episode of Canadian Idol. I know many of you posters to the South will not have the opportunity to see it, unfortunately. The first episode was great! They showed stops in Vancouver, Calgary and Winnipeg, and have already handed out 49 tickets to Toronto. Most I would say I agreed with... there were a couple of unusual choices, but I thought that they were just colourful enough to make the cut.

The judges are Sass Jordan (Canadian rock artist), Zack Werner (Cdn. equivalent of Simon, but not AS nasty), Farley Flex (music station director.. not afraid to call it like he sees it), and Jake Gold (artist manager, and again brutally honest). They make an interesting panel, and I think so far their choices have been great.

Having never seen the first episodes of American Idol, this is the first time I have seen what these judges are up against. I can't imagine hearing 1000's of voices and having to be responsible to pick "the one". The only thing that is even more unfathomable is these people that actually think they can sing!!!<img src=http://www.ezboard.com/intl/aenglish/images/emoticons/ohwell.gif ALT=":\"> I can't believe people that love and care about them would actually allow them to put themselves through that. As one young man said when he left the audition "They did find a Simon, don't believe them!"

I am looking so forward to actually being able to vote for this one!