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Thread: Sasha Cohen Olympic Pictorial (x90 HQ)

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    Sasha Cohen Olympic Pictorial (x90 HQ)


    See thread "Olympic Photos Just Posted!" in the Edge for details. Also see the thread "OLYMPIC DANCE PICTORIAL" for important detailed information on why the pics were deleted. Also note that I'm not accepting any PM or email requests for photos. Sorry I had to do this and I hope you enjoyed them while they were up. - RD
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    Cool pictures.

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    Thanks for the pictures and your effort for posting them all.

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    Question Gala Exhibition, 2006 Olympics

    I was just wondering if you might know of anyone who has the taped Gala Exhibiton. I see the other years provided the exhibition, but this last Olympics does not seem to have done that. It was a really good program, it is just that they inserted a bobsled event in the middle of it. I taped it at home, and stayed up until it was rerun at midnight, waited all through the bobsled event, then later it got accidentaly erased!! I have looked everywhere, so I thought maybe I could just find someone who had taped it at home, that would sell it. Let me know if you know anything more. Thanks

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    Thanks for the photos of Sasha. You know ....she is so beautiful that even the ones of her falling looked choergraphed. What a beautiful skater!! Thanks again

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