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Thread: Krisztina Regoeczy/Andras Sallay

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    Krisztina Regoeczy/Andras Sallay

    Sorry about the spelling, the forum didn't like the umlaut......
    Does anyone have these Hungarian ice dancers on tape?
    They competed in the late 70's, early 80's , won 1 Worlds, iirc, but kind of got drowned out by the Torvill & Dean furor.
    I actually thought they were better, more fun, at least.....

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    regoeczy & sallay

    i'm sorry i don't have a positive response to your post...

    we used to have super 8 footage of them from the 1976 world championships,
    along with Pakhomova & Gorschkov etc...

    regoeczy & sallay WERE fun. i don't think they had the technical
    finesse of torvill & dean but they had good flow and an authentic ballroom dance style. they were also INCREDIBLY NICE PEOPLE.

    i know they were coaching for a while in the Boston area but i don't know
    where they went from there.

    i myself was and still am a Moiseeyeva & Minenkov fan.

    thanks for mentioning some mighty fine ice dancers...

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