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Thread: Spinning Video

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    Spinning Video

    I have a skate spinner and was wondering if anyone knew where to find a video of someone using it or if you have one of yourself. Im not try to get into people's buisness or anything I just really want to see someone else using it/

    or if you have any tips

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    I use one thayt my brother-in-law and I made one from and old lazy suzan and some anti-skid sheets I snagged from a walk-in refrigerator we put in the sorority back when I worked there. I keep it in my office and everyone comes and tries it out - accept Ray, it doesn't sound to good when he is on it (hell admit it too). ANYHOO, IT HELPS ME! Granted I can't spin more then 3 times on the ice (maybe 4 if the rink is light and can get the speed without clipping Mommy's little prince that needs the whole rink at 10yrs just to get a picture). But I come out a lot better now than when I first was trying them. I can at least make out the faces and stay within a 5-8 foot radius of where I started - pathetic but it is an improvement. Also take note that I am 37. It is still essential that I do a "twist" or two once on the ice, before anything is tried. Plus my friends and coworkers get a kick out of it, gives them an idea of how hard it really is. You should see there faces when you explain the edges of a figure skate . These Hockey "studs" always think it's impossible, and I say "yah, can't glide around like you are on little skis or something. You acutely have to work for that turn." They get all huffy and I have to say that I am also aware that there would be incredible amount of leg and hip injuries if that was the case with HSkates. If the skate doesn't give your knee will.

    Well, LSS, I recommend it, but don't sit there and do it for a long time. Take breaks - lots of breaks. and 10 revs should be enough for at least a few minutes. I don't know where you are at, but there is the "conditioning time," and age, all that....just don't kill the grey matter in your brain. Just starting, start slow and I hear - and I try - to keep as centered as possible - brain and foot on the same axis. Really I should say get a coach or advice from someone better then me, but it has brought me along - and like I also mentioned, gives people a clue how hard it is.

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