Hi I am looking for:

The 2002 Winter olympics opening/closing cerimonies and the mens event in entirty plus all of the interviews, fluff, etc....

-The 2002 worlds DVD especially that fluff piece they did right before they showed his long program. Also I want all the controversy (aka the anti-semetic remarks made by various skaters against the C/S and the first medal ever awarded to Israel)

-2003 Worlds DVD
(no pairs for either of them, just mens, womens, ice dancing)

-Timmy Complitation (not all of it, but selections of it to be discussed with seller)

-Anything on Fedor Andreev (wow is he hot!!!)

-I am really looking for 2005 super stars on ice tape/DVD etc... Especially this one performance that shows Evan Lysacek skating to Singing in the Rain and then Kurt Browning comes out, and from what I heard Jennifer kirk takes his umbrella.

-From what I heard there were a few performances in which Jennifer Kirk and Fedor Andreev DID skate pairs together in some sort of show? Does anybody have that?

-Celebration of Life on DVD?

Sorry if this sounds a bit hurried, rushed, and does not make a whole lot of sense I am in a hurry I have class. leave a pm for me here or email me at :
cloudkicker09@gmail.com. I will pay who ever has some of this all of this
I really gotta go. CLASS