View Poll Results: Best women jumper of all time?

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  • Midori Ito

    137 56.85%
  • Tonya Harding

    13 5.39%
  • Irina Slutskaya

    22 9.13%
  • Mao Asada

    24 9.96%
  • Surya Bonaly

    7 2.90%
  • Miki Ando

    6 2.49%
  • Petra Burka

    0 0%
  • Tara Lipinski

    9 3.73%
  • Denise Biellman

    4 1.66%
  • other

    19 7.88%
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Thread: Best women jumper of all time?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mafke
    I don't understand how anyone can not vote for Ito here.

    In terms of number of jumps completed, the quality of the jumps and in being the first to land certain jumps she was just off the charts. No one was in her class as a jumper when she was competing (the closest was Yamaguchi but as consistent as she was with toe jumps her edge jumps were kind of iffy).
    I'd have to say Tonya Harding was the closest to Ito in jumping. She got almost as high and could do the 3A but sadly lacked consistency.

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    Oh, Midori jumps looked great, like a human tornado's.

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    I voted for Midori Ito, obviously! Her jumps are high and powerful. But I also like Irina Slutskaya - she is quite a good jumper.

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    consider surya bonaly

    I think that Surya is the most under appreciated jumper here of the bunch. I think why a lot of people forget about her is because her artistry was atrocious when she first showed up on the world scene. Her jumps were nicely executed. She tried things technically that none of her other competitors of her time tried. I do wish she didn't telegraph her jumps though. I was soo pleased when she did that Backflip in '98 at the Olympics as her swan song. She knew at that moment she wasn't going to be recognized because she wasn't status quo.
    I definitely see validity in Ito as well. Her jumps were amazing. It was a tough choice for me, but, ultimately, I went with Bonaly, although, I wish I could've also voted for Ito as well.
    That's my two cents

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    The jumps Ito landed were the best ever but she missed alot of jumps too. I will say Petra Burka and Carole Heiss were ahead of their time in jumps so I consider them maybe. I will go with Denise Biellman though who landed the Worlds first triple lutz when the previous hardest was at triple salchow or something like that. Even in her mid 30s she was still doing powerful triple loops, triple salchows, and triple toes.

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