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Thread: Music, what do you want to hear?

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    Quote Originally Posted by seanibu
    This would make me think that something like "popular music," rock etc..., would be easier for a skater to interpret. Doesn't the classical styles of music require a more "refined palette" to appreciate and understand? JAT
    I believe ALL music can be interpreted, and I think the best way to get that done is to have a national-like Skating Company a la John Curry. But can it sell to the Northamerican audiences? What you have now is COI and SOI with nothing they do that is memorable after 2 years. Maybe SOI. Avoid Disney like shows except as fund raisers. A National Company could have a family Disney theme show for the weekend matinees. Money, money, money is the problem.

    For eligible skaters, medals are the goals and if Carmen, Malaguena and other tunes of middlebrow music as one poster aptly put it, are the root to medals, then so be it. I think this will remain. The youngsters do not have the emotions for mature music.


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    Those are really good points Joestiz - glad you didn't "over and out" on this totally - and sorry if it sounded like I was trying to put words in your mouth, not my intention . It is actually a great thing to have "youngsters" still exposed to the style of music that FS brings. That music should never be lost. And it would just be temporary hype - to bring in more "pop" - that without other issues being addressed, would quickly fade and not be worth all the extra effort the skaters do not need more of - they work hard enough as it is IMO.

    As for Disney, you couldn't ever overload me with that, I love it. Tugba as Jasmin, Sasha as Belle, Jenny as Cinderella, Irina as Tinkerbell, blaa blaaa... (I did love the MK as Pochontas) that is just me and not allot of people will feel the same. Sometimes I love cheeze. And that going to charity is a great plan - to bad Bill G is mainly giving money to Pharmaceuticals that more then likely are ready have the cures! I guess you can't be a genius all the time in everything (well that is debatable too).

    Anyhoo, I still think the best things for the sport at this point are - Better skates (elevating injuries), Real time scouring (so "Joe Shome" knows too), judging on tech and art via separate judges for both and the judges "face" go with their score. I do think better sound is subcontinencely going to have an impact, people wouldn't realize but would notice - it sounds so cold and unwelcoming now, fits Hockey well though.

    I read an article about the reasons there is no lyrics in the music and feel they know more then I, yet even some "musac" might be nice more often - more verity. I believe I saw Fumie skate to Yesterday and the Pink Panther (even thought PP fits critera already), att least I know the Pink Panther (have the pics )- I just get Fumie on the brain sometimes - and that would be nice to see more but not all the time either. I still enjoyed Shizuka's and MK to Josh G's Lift me up even though I am getting tired of the song. That boy can sing! Oh, and Silvia's SP at Olys, I liked lots!

    I guess it comes down to the same thing over and over that really gets on the nerves - my fantasy music, I will just pray for the exhibitions or continue to edit in videos myself. Like I have said, my friends love it.

    Maybe it is more that Pop should not be the only music the youth is exposed to these days. And as you say money is an issue and most of that music used is roalty fee - I think. So I hope the palette of our youth gets more refined and exposes itself more to the music used in FS - that is totally my opinion.

    I will say that list that gio posted would be very satisfying to me anyway.

    And the "Video Montage" things I had no idea were going on - hope they start getting sold on iTunes or something - little extra cash.
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