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Thread: IS MAG - the new magazine of Ice Skating - Join us in this adventure!

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    IS MAG - the new magazine of Ice Skating - Join us in this adventure!

    A new magazine of ice-skating exists: IS MAG – International Skating Magazine

    IS MAG, it’s 6 magazine / year : the meeting of all the news of ice-skating
    IS MAG, it is the analysis of all the great championships, of the tables of exclusive records
    IS MAG, they are an exclusive interviews of the great champions, great trainers
    IS MAG, it is Europe in Asia, of the United States in Canada: an international cover
    IS MAG, they are also technical dossiers, the best references of ice-skating
    IS MAG, it is all ice-skating: SYNCHRO, BALLETS, SHOWS everywhere in the world
    IS MAG, it is of course ADULT ice-skating
    IS MAG, it is information of everywhere with IS NEWS, www.ISKATINGMAG.COM
    IS MAG… MOST BEAUTIFUL PICTURES of ice-skating, the BEST of the magazines of ice-skating

    If you want to subscribe, go on the Website

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    Will you carry Irina's photo spread?

    Seriously, though, thanks for the info.

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    Is the above thread, a legitimate post or is it a plug for a magazine? Is it ok to stay inThe Edge?


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    It doesn't belong in the Edge. It's a plug. To be honest, I'm not real excited about it because portions of our forum were copy/pasted onto their site. I hope it's not a sign of things to come in the actual publication itself.

    Answer to your question? A plug is a little more "subtle"....

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