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Thread: New skills

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    New skills

    Well, I can't get a date to save my life, but I learned what power 3-turns are today, and can do them!
    Once again learning from the little kids, I think I'm starting to figure out how to do a lunge, forwards and backwards, with connecting spin, and I think I'm also getting closer to being able to complete the shoot the duck move, including getting up.....
    Everybody tells me adults aren't supposed to be able to do those.
    I'm not supposed to know how to do those yet either, but I can land waltz jumps clean about 29 times out of 30, looking down the list of things coming up in the next phase, I see 'half flips'.
    You go backwards on the left, stab the right toe pick down for the takeoff, I'm guessing I'm supposed to rotate 180 (=half), which foot do I land on?
    Advise please, I would very much like to impress my teacher.....

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    Well, I'm 44 and I can do them.....I consider myself an adult (most of the time)

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    You will come out of the half-flip on your left toe, then step onto your right foot, skating forwards. The landing is just like the ending of a bunny hop!

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