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    I cleared OoTP in less than two days (am now re-reading it at a more leisurely pace), and I liked it alot too. But there was something different about the way it was written, it wasn't the same as the first four. Probably because it is kindof a "transitional" book. Yes, I did cry heavily over the character's death. He was my favorite. I did feel it was an innapropriate move, but that's okay.

    There were alot of things I'm glad happened, though. For one, Harry and Cho not getting together. They are both stricken over Cedric's death, and I don't think they'd be ready for a relationship. And come on, who gets together with their first crush anyway?

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    Re: Oops!

    Sorry, meant to put this in the Harry Potter thread.

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    Re: Oops!

    do you want to copy and paste what you wrote and then replying to the right topic and have this one be deleted... because it looks like a spoiler

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    Summer heat, I'm scared.

    Well July is here. Last year in Coastal Southern California, the weather was very mild. It usually only gets really hot around September. Now, people are saying it's going to be a really hot one. I don't handle heat very well. We have a swamp cooler which does not even compare to air conditioning. When, it gets very hot, all I can do is try to be still with fans on me which really just blows hot air on me. Also, when it's very hot, I am not able to communicate effectively. In other words don't talk to me or ask me to do any thing. The worse part of hot weather is trying to sleep. When, I get in the car, go to work or am anywhere where there is air conditioning, I can't stay awake because the cool air is so refreshing. Besides, drinking lots of water and visiting the frozen food section at the supermarket, does anyone have any really good ideas for staying cool. I need to know before the heat hits.
    Daniel and Little Lulu
    The hairy one does not have any problem with the heat and can lay in the hot sun all day.
    D & LL

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