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Thread: Your HOPES for the Grand Prix Final Podium

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    Your HOPES for the Grand Prix Final Podium

    This is about HOPES - not a prediction - repeat not a prediction -. because it is much too early for predictions.

    In no particular order in placements I see the podium having the following:

    The Ladies Kim, Kimmie, Mao

    The Men Joubert, Klimkin, Stephane

    Pairs Innoue/Baldwin, Marcoux/Buntin, Pang/Tong

    Dance Navarro/Bommentre, Dubreuil/Lauzon, Denkova/Stavisky.

    The above has nothing to do with any predictions because at this point I do not have any predictions. I may have after I see the individual series. And the above is not a reflection of the order of finish I am hoping for.

    Do you have any hopes for the FINALS?


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    I want Tugba to make it.

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    I will keep par, and leave the green glowing orb in the back yard . These are my hopes (and in order )-

    Ladies: Fumie, Kimmie, Yakari

    Gentlemen: Stephane, Johnny (assuming he stays in), Jeffy - after what another poster put me in touch with Oda would be nice to have a good showing as well.

    Pairs: Rena / John, Xue / Hungbo, Aliona / Robin

    Dance: Tanith / Ben, Melissa / Dennis, and not sure that I care about 3rd - very interested in seeing Kim and Brent, Trina and Todd skate though.

    I want to see Tugba do well also but don't put her on the podium but in top 5 for a wish.

    Once again following Joe's rule and ignoring the prediction "NostroBu" in the back yard.
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    My hopes

    Ladies Mao, Carolina, Kimmie

    Men Plushenko, Weir, Takahashi

    Pairs Zhang / Zhang , Savchenko/ Szolkowy, Dube / Davison

    Dance Belbin /Agosto, Drobiazko/ Vanagas

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    In no particular order:

    Ladies: Asada, Czisny, Suguri

    Men: Lambiel, Oda, Weir

    Pairs: Obertas-Slavnov, Shen-Zhao, Zhang-Zhang

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    men: Weir, Lambiel, Joubert
    ladies: Fumie, Sokolova, Carolina
    pairs: Shen/Zhao, Pet/Tih, Pang/Tong
    don't really care about dance.

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    men: Oda, Lambiel, Buttle or lysacek
    ladies: Asada, Kim, Rochette or Nakano
    pairs: Innoue/Baldwin, Shen/Zhao
    dance: dont really care.

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    In no particular order:

    Men: Lambiel, Weir, Takahashi

    Ladies: Kim, Suguri, Czisny

    Pairs: Inoue/Baldwin, Shen/Zhao, Savchenko/Szolkowy

    Dance: Belbin/Agosto, Delobel/Schoenfelder, Dubreil/Lauzon

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