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Thread: Worlds 1993 - Women's competition

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zuranthium
    Spins + Spirals are part of the "presentation" component for the Long Program.
    Spins and spirals have never been part of the presentation score - they've always been part of the technical score - look at the technical requirements of an SP - Three jumping passes, three spins, two sets of footwork (which for the ladies includes a spiral sequence).

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    Good job there...pointlessly repeating yourself over and over.

    Someone already pointed out the exact rules, thanks. I was only aware of the fact that skaters never did more than 9 (men) or 7 (women) jumps, as well as the basic Zayak rule that a jump can only be repeated once and must be in combination/sequence. That was what I learned when I was younger and that was what everyone talked about at every major competition.

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