If you could go back to any moment in YOUR life, when would it be?

1. can NOT change whether or not someone lives or dies - but health improvements are OK (even improving the longevity of "said" life" is acceptable.)
2. can NOT steal ideas for your own profit.
3. can NOT disclose to anyone that you have traveled back in your life until the moment in which you left has "come again."- then you're just a "wacko."{
4. OPTIONAL, a picture is in your possession, of you, of the moment you will go back too. Some of the members may only have "memories of the mind."

I think multiple answers are acceptable.

I am not one for living in the past, but sometimes I think it might be nice to do something a little different - treat someone better, help someone make a better decision, etc....

Due to the fact so many here "seem" to be content, I have a feeling this will not get much response but hey!

Now if MM can give us all the equation that makes it possible.....

This was acatuly thought of via Tonichelle's post on Movie quotes. After I posted the last quote I thought of the movie "Somewhere In Time" - And a conversation I had with Piel.