Katy was knocking on the door last year, with a fourth place finish at U.S. Nationals and the gold medal at Four Continents, beating Yukari Nakano and Beatrisa Liang. Her point total at 4Cs was 164.05, missing only her triple loop in the LP (for comparison, Kimmie Maissner's score at the Olympics was 165.7) She didn't do a triple/triple, but had all level 3 and 4 spins.

This year she's first out of the box in the Grand Prix, with Skate America and Skate Canada (like Alissa Czisny last year). If she can medal in both she will be sitting pretty.

But it won't be easy. She faces Mao Asada, Kimmie and Miki Ando at Skate America, and Fumie Suguri, Yu-na Kim and Joannie Rochette in Skate Canada.

I like her chances. Her LP music this year is Forrest Gump. (?!) Now there's an interpretive challenge!

Does anyone know if she is working on a triple/triple?