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That is sad. It sounds like your friend didn't exactly PICK coke and booze over friends; rather, he was addicted to those things. Probably the only thing that would have helped is detox, but ARR would have had to WANT to break the addiction first.
True, he didn't want to. That was the choice he made. 5 of us did the discussion, enrollment, "hold the hand" if you will. Even after he was kept away for weeks flushing the system, at the first chance he went back. I know (I say "know" because he was sneaky) of 4 times. I found a bottle of Vodka in the toilet basin and that was number 4. He chose to lie to use, and chose to find what we together would eliminate, and bring it right back in to his life. He chose to stay addicted.

Very sad, he was a talented Bass player, and the girls just swooned for him but he ... well I can only say it one way. I went down that path to start with him, I and others chose to stop. He didn't.