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Thread: Getting rid of tapes

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    Getting rid of tapes

    Now I'll sell them $5 per tape or for the whole set $80, that includes shipping. I'd really like to get rid of these by the end of the month, otherwise I'll just trash them. They are taking up way too much space.

    1988 Olympics- Ladies Long
    1996 Metropolitan Open- Ladies Short, Interpretive Free
    1996 Worlds- Ladies Short, Ladies Long
    1996 Ultimate 4- Ladies Short, Interpretive Free
    1997 Worlds- Ladies Short, Ladies Long
    1997-1998 Champions Series Final- Men's Short, Long, Free Dance
    1998 Worlds- Ladies LP
    1998 Worlds- Ladies Short
    1998 Worlds- Pairs Long, Free Dance, Exhibitions
    1998 Ice Wars
    1999 Worlds- Ladies Long
    1999 Worlds- Men's Long, Pairs Long, Free Dance
    1999 Worlds- Exhibitions
    1999 Champions on Ice
    1999 Skate America- Men's Long, Ladies Long
    2000 Grand Prix Final- Ladies, Men
    2000 Grand Prix Final- Pairs, Dance
    2000 Nations Cup- All Short Programs, Men's Free, Ladies Free
    2001 Nationals- Men's Short, Ladies Short
    2001 Grand Prix Final- Ladies Short, 1st LP, Super Final, Men's Short, 1st LP, Super Final
    2001 Worlds- Ladies Qualifying, Short, Long
    2001 Champions on Ice
    2001 Skate Canada- Ladies Short, Ladies Long
    2002 Nationals- Ladies Short, Ladies Long
    2002 Nationals- Pairs Short, Men's Short, Men's Long
    2002 Worlds- Ladies Short, Ladies Long
    2002 Hershey's Challenge
    2002 Champions on Ice
    2003 Nationals- Original Dance, Pair Short, Men's Short, Ladies Short
    2003 Nationals- Ladies Long
    2003 Worlds- Ladies Short, Original Dance
    2003 Worlds- Free Dance, Ladies Long
    2003 Worlds- Men's Long, Exhibitions
    2003 Junior Worlds- Ladies Long
    2004 Worlds- Ladies Short, Original Dance
    2004 Worlds- Ladies Long, Free Dance
    2004 Worlds- Men's Short, Pairs Short
    2004 Worlds- Men's Long, Ladies Long
    2004 Campbell's International- Men's Long, Ladies Long
    2004 Skate America- Ladies Long, Men's Long

    More to be added soon! PM me if you are interested! Tapes will be mailed out as soon as I receive payment!!!!


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    Hi, I am interested in 2002 champions on ice. you said there are more tapes to come, when will that be?, there may be more i am interested in, thanks, denise

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