I'm now officially out of the first tier ('Adult') of the Snowplow Sam classes, and signed up for bigger and better things!
Haven't seen another adult (or someone masquerading as such...) in any of these classes in 2 months, that's ok, I'm learning all kinds of cool stuff from the little munchkins, like lunges, ballet jumps, mazurkas, etc.
My very cute teacher is helping me nail down my mohawk sequences, and giving me all kinds of 3-turn variations to work on.
It's a little challenging at the rink these days, it's a 1,000 degrees outside, so the climate change is rather harsh, and due to the remodelling project and heat, there's all sorts of condensation, which ends up raining down and forming little holes or bumpy yellow spots on the ice, but I managed to improve my duck and my lunge today, and work out the waltz jump approach and follow up sequence.
Slowly starting to feel like a real skater....