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Thread: What do you do for an off-ice workout when you're not skating?

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    What do you do for an off-ice workout when you're not skating?

    So because of good ol' hockey [a downside of living in Canada] we lose ice for about two and a half months, from mid-May to August. While I'm off I've been doing a bit of an off-ice workout using suggestions from my coach and various other sources. I've been doing about a half hour of cardio, a tiny bit of weights, core strength exercises, and stretching about every second day, sometimes every day. It seems to be doing the trick, I feel like I'm keeping my fitness level and my flexibilty up, but I'm always open to trying new things. What do you do?

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    I have been Hitting the mini trampoline allot lately. It is helping my arms position and how well I absorb the landings- plus I know how much I am cheating / fully rotated or not on landing (I don't think I need to explain oh well.). Rollerblades, Cycling (good for the knees) and my modified "lazy Suzan" for spinning - I think it is about to die.

    But I am not that awesome of a FSer, but these seem to help me. 2 cents
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