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Thread: Themi Leftheris updated his journal

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    Themi Leftheris updated his journal

    Since nationals Naomi and I have been working on our short program, which is a tango to a piece of music called "Jealousy."

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    Sale and Pelletiere used this music for their Olympic SP.

    This is the first time I knew Themi's full name. So, I assume his parents are Greek.

    Both Themi and Naomi are listed as coaches at Michelle's rink.

    Here's Naomi (just in case anyone was wondering what a heart-shaped face looks like, LOL.
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    Not only does Themi have Greek heritage, but he "is also a server at Cafe Ambrosia, a Greek restaurant," according to his profile page.

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    I am pretty sure Themi's mom is Russian.

    Where do you think he gets his talent from ?

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