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Caroline, is a very young skater, and I see no reason why she should hurry up her progress so that she can be called "oh, so young, and winning".
Rachel, on the other hand, has passed her Senior Test so we will be seeing her against Emily, Bebe, Katy, Kimmie, and Sasha if Sasha shows up to defend her crown. So one talented lady is waiting and the other is pushing ahead NOW.
At, yes...youth.....
Ms Zhang and Ms Flatt are actually quite close in age from the USFSA website.
Zhang's Bday May 93
Flatt's Bday July 92

Let's not make a big deal about how young either skater is...they are 10 months apart in age. It really only mattered for Flatt last year as she was 3 weeks too young to start the JGP series. They are both young and have years to look ahead for what they can bring to their skating!