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Thread: Underappreciated Vocalists

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    Grgranny are you referring to this Paul Williams? He is still alive.

    Or this Paul Williams of The Temptations?:chorus: :chorus: :chorus: :chorus: :chorus:

    For a special treat play the first video of The Tempts singing "Don't Look Back"

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    That last post reminds me of the singer from Boston, that everyone was so impressed with until they found out he used an octave effect on his voice - that was a bummer. Not uncommon though, Sanade O'Conner uses a Choirs for almost everything.

    I was thinking of David Grohl from Foo Fighters, might not be a voice everyone would like, but that guy can really sing. And he is a really cool guy to boot. Wrote my favorite video script to one of my fav. tunes, Everlong - A+ Vid and Tune!

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