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Thread: Dates for Easterns are still TBD?

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    Question Dates for Easterns are still TBD?

    I thought I read in Skating magazine that Easterns were the same weekend as Mids this year. Now this says Pacs are the same weekend as Mids and Easterns are still TBD. If Easterns could be the next weekend I'd be eternally grateful. Please skate gods! Three and a half hours to Pelham and four and a half to Atlanta. Skating dosen't get any closer than that for me.

    Crap! I just realized that the following weekend is Thanksgiving weekend. Does anybody know if Sectionals has ever bee held over Thanksgiving weekend?
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    The 2007 Eastern Sectional Championships in Atlanta was originally scheduled for the same week in November 2006 as the other 2 Sectionals. I don't believe Sectionals is ever scheduled held over Thanksgiving weekend -- it's more likely that Easterns could be held a week earlier than Mids? Or perhaps they're just waiting for confirmation from the club and/or rink that it can be held on the original dates? We'll have to wait and see.

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