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Thread: Any Smallville Fans out there??

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    Any Smallville Fans out there??

    My husband is a big fan of Smallville and so I bought him the first 2 seasons for Christmas last year. Anyway, we started watching it together and to my surprise, I am a big fan! I bought all four seasons and I am really into the story and the characters. Since I am out of episodes to watch, I just ordered the first season of Lois and Clark. Any other Superman or Smallville fans out there? Why are we so obsessed with Superheros? Can you believe all the superhero movies and t.v. that have popped up lately? (I'm not complaining, I love it!)

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    I was, but didn't like how they brought Lois into it. That just goes too far against the grain for me to swallow. Well done show, directing is top notch, but you can't veer so far from the origination for it to envelop those who know Clark and Kal-el. Story / scrip writers are searching for the audience too much for me now. They were to start but over the top now. Still a good show though - last I watched.

    It just seemed to get so Dawson's Creek for me - and how many times does a door get ripped off a car before it gets to be "to many times"?

    Lex is awesome and I loved Launa She acutely reminds me of one of our posters who recently shared her picture with us, wowza! I wish I was 10 (ETA, make that 20, eesh) years younger and played the bass instead of singing and guitar. ooof!
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    I am a fan of Smallville, but I too have to agree with SeaniBu that bring Lois into the show cuts across the grain of the original story line. However, I still watch the program and like what I have seen. But the Lois question continues to bug me: How are Clark and Lois going to get together and fall in love? But on the other hand, I think they are doing a good job at creating tension between Clark and Lex.

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