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Thread: If Michelle doesn't compete...

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    Disney's statements on Michelle - charisma, pizzazz, and loveable enthusiasm and interntonal appeal and all that beauty, wholesomeness, grace and charm- so true!

    What actress would not love to have that position?


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    Quote Originally Posted by Red Dog
    I dunno...can't see her saying much more than "She was good out there tonight"... or maybe more in-depth like "I think this competition will give her more experience"...ok, I'm having too much fun here...
    all commentators start out that way though... some of it always carryies through... Peggy is never 100% witty... and Dick Button just talks non-stop about nothing through many routines...

    Scott Hamilton has the same catch phrases he used in his beginning days of commentary in the mid 80s...

    and yet they've gone on to have very successful careers... you don't learn it over night... that I wouldn't have a problem with Michelle doing... as long as she ennunciated lol

    her voice does not annoy me in the slightest... now Roz Sumners on the other hand...

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