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Any chance you could post photos of some that you consider arched and pretty, dancindiva?
I get what she's saying, sort of. I personally prefer laybacks to looks soft and classical like Angela's or Sarah's and that Sasha's seems to extreme (for lack of better wording). BUT as with all Sasha's spins, she is amazing, one of the best, so I won't say I don't like Sasha's layback. I like her variations more than the traditional position itself (and I'm not too crazed about her dropped leg variation.)

I like laybacks like this, although I used to complain about Sarah's hands:
I think she looks soft with her leg, hip and back, not over the top, showing off her flexibility.

As for Sasha, I loved the variations she did last season to Nutcracker, with the dropped leg and then she sort of dropped one hand behind her back and the other went up, not sure what that was, and of course, her catch foot was very nice. Alissa can be extreme as well, but I think her traditional layback doesn't look as sharp (for lack of better word, again!) as Sasha's does. BUT this is just IMO, and like I said before, I still think Sasha's among the best spinners, no matter what position she is doing.