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Thread: Rare Videos from the 1980's I found on youtube

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    Rare Videos from the 1980's I found on youtube

    Youtube is turning out to be a treasure trove of old skating
    videos. Here are some interesting ones I found. Enjoy!

    Tiffany Chin - 1984 Olympics

    Tiffany Chin - 1986 National Championships

    Debi Thomas - 1988 National Championships

    Midori Ito - 1988 Olympics

    Tonya Harding - 1989 Nationals

    Kristi Yamaguchi - 1989 Nationals

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    Thanks! It's great to watch all these skaters from the past. I remember them well. I have been off work due to illness and watching skaters on Youtube has been great theraphy during my recuperation time.

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    what we have lost

    Tiffany Chin. What a beautiful program and lovely modest costume. We'll never see such a program again with the code of points. Should be required viewing for all young female skaters.

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