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    ISU rule changes

    OK, all of you CoP nerds out there, bookmark ISU Communications #1396 (I just did, LOL).,00.pdf

    This document summarizes the revised rules for the coming season. A couple of noteworthy changes:

    #6. Require at least one spiral position without any assistance of the hand or arm, in both the SP and the LP.

    In particular, not every spiral can be a Biellmann. This is a great rule change. Now we will see who can really attain an acceptable classic spiral position and who can't.

    #11. If a triple or quad jump is performed twice as a solo jump the second execution will be counted as a jump sequence with only one jump included.

    The change is, it used to be scored as a jump combo. Under the new rule you will still be able to do and get credit for two combos, even if you flub a combo attempt.

    Actually, the penalty for not completing the sequence is not very severe. It would be worth it to do two solo quads and blow off the Zayak rules altogether.
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