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Thread: I need advice about one foot spins

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    I need advice about one foot spins

    I just started to spin with one foot instead of both. I was wondering, what is the right place to set your foot, and whether or not to spin on the heel or towards the toe. And also, once the spin starts, how do you keep momentum? Thanks guys!

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    You should feel like you are spinning on the ball of your foot- between your toes and your arch.
    Once you've started spinning, you keep it going by pulling inwards with your arms and free leg. Draw inwards slowly for your first few times- it can make a very big difference in speed if you're not used to it!

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    Interesting that my first thought about being in my mind was right. I can't believe it.

    Now that brings the question to me if parabolic blades are easier to spin on in single foot?
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    Thanks Icy!

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