1. A skater is announced to take the ice. The skater presents him/her self to the public and judges before settling in to begin.Is this step a rule?

2. The music begins. A few seconds later the skater begins to move his/her arms.The timing begins when the skater moves - not when the music begins. Correct?

3. In a circular movement over the ice the skater eventually executes a triple axel. The Tech Asst. calls the jump underrotated. a) are the judges compelled to give GoEs for a double axel? b) should there be a judgement on a transitions or lack thereof leading up to the 3A?

4. With crossovers and a nice wide rocker the skater then executes a 3Lx3T combo. The 3L lands well but the 3T is underrotated and faulty and so said the Tech Asst. a) Full credit for the 3L but what for the faulty and incomplete 3T? b) Are the crossovers and the Rocker sufficient to satisfy the transition requirement?

5.With the same scenario but a fall has ocurred on the 3T. how does a tech asst. handle this?

6. After the 3T, the skater works in a bit of footwork leading up to a Flying Camel, however, the air turn is just one half or a waltz jump into the camel. Should the Tech Asst say anything? Is there not a rule about a flying camel needing at least an axel rotation?

7. As the program goes on, there is the failed 3Lx 3T combo, a new successful 3Tx3T and a signle 3T. Any Zayak problems here?

One can see here with just a few elements just how much work has to be covered in the CoP. Is there a computer software program that can gather up the information from the Tech Asst to ensure that all the rules are covered?