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Thread: What is going on in the Mid East?

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    What is going on in the Mid East?

    Maybe this is too much, but I would like to know what you all think.

    This is really getting scary, I can just imagine the people there - I so feel for them.

    Is it just the way the media can cover all of these events now or is it really getting worse in our world.

    And what is going on in Somalia lately. Was Syria funding some of this too? Is this an attack from all sides as a "cunning snake." Is the cunning snake acutely the one asking for the strike to justify their retaliation - I am really frickin' confused here - WYTH is going on. It is not getting better. I don't think I can side with anyone who kills innocents, and I can't hardly tell what "innocent" is anymore. Someone just help the children!

    I hate to say it with light of things that have happened - but I do really like what I heard Bush say today on "closed circuit." Not quite sure if I know what is right or wrong here, but to hear him get down to the nitty gritty is a step that needs to be taken if there is going to be a future. It just comes back to the kids, what about the kids. Brain washed, in danger, don't know what to believe - just told to and will they live to ever see peace? OOF!

    Yep, being going on for centuries - there is something in the Bible that says the sons of Ismail and David (I THINK) will always be at war. But in light of the recent ESCALATION of full on war tactics, not the "underground activities" that government tries to say they are free of or can't get a clear, "yes that was me."- now here comes another cycle of Advertised government declarations of attack.

    Dilemma galore. I just need to get that off my chest and see what others might think.
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