We got Star Choice satellite about two weeks ago and are having trouble recording on our VCR off of the satellite. When both the TV and the receiver are already on when the VCR starts recording everything works fine. Its when we try to record at night when the TV and receiver are turned off that the problem occurs. The timer turns the receiver on fine and tunes to the correct channel. The VCR is also coming on and recording the right channel as well. The problem is we have no audio only a very loud static sound. The picture is also very washed out and almost black and white.

Has anyone else experienced this? If you were able to solve the problem how did you do it? The only solution I can think of is leaving the receiver on at night when we have the VCR set to record. That seems wasteful to me and it defeats the purpose of setting the timers in the first place.

I called tech support and they blame it on the VCR but I am convinced that this is not the problem. I had no problems with it at all until we got satellite, it recorded fine off of cable. I have tried changing the audio settings on the satellite, from the default of no choice, to mono and stereo. (We have a mono TV and a stereo VCR). None of these settings made any difference at all. The tech support guy never even asked about our audio settings, he was too busy blaming it on the VCR.

I have read the trouble shooting sections of the manuals for both the VCR and the receiver.