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    Coaching help

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    I don't do Special Olympics, but I keep interest up in my Snowplow and Basic 1 and 2 classes by making drills into games. For glides, I use my marker and have each skater take a couple of strokes off the wall, then glide as far as they can. I draw a line where they come to a stop and write their initials on it. Their challenge is to see if they can glide further the next time. We count how many swizzles it takes to get across the rink - the fewer, the better! We play games like Freeze Tag, with only swizzles allowed. One person is the Freezer, and another is the Un-Freezer - everybody keeps moving until we're exhausted! We have swizzle races - they like to race me, if I handicap myself by doing one-foot power pulls while they swizzle on two feet. Anybody else got any others? I'm always looking for new ideas, too!

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