Ok so the pair trading thing has been going on for awhile...Maria used to pair with Peter Oppegard, then Burt Lancon (US silver in 82), who then paired with Jill in 83 for two US bronzes - who then paired with Oppegard for their successes. Kind of that 6 degrees of separation thing...

If anyone has tapes to share (or or if you can post them on youtube) of the Watson-Lancon performances from 83 or 84 - would like to see those. Team/individual photos from those years would be nice to see as well. I vaguely remember they perfomed superbly at the Olympics and were quite a surprise to finish 6th.

Too bad Lancon retired...but I guess Jill found greater success with Peter.
Some Watson-Oppegard routines are already on youtube.
I also remember a interview where they had said they were a couple, in addition to a pair - any one remember or confirm this?